Self-educated French artist born on October 22, 1966 . His name has a double origin and associates the Norman and Breton roots from his father and Japanese from her mother.

From his adolescence, he draws as soon as he can on exercise books, course’s sheets, and gladly offers his drawings to whom asks him. After a first attempt to the oil technique which he tames, he returns to the drawing (Indian ink, graphite, pencils, etc.). In 2006, thow he decides to recover painting by using alternately or together, according to its inspiration and discoveries, the oil, the acrylic or the watercolor.

In 2007, wishing to share his creations with a public and to know the reactions aroused by his compositions, he creates his web site and makes his first virtual exhibition: it was a success because it counts an average of 1 800 visitors per month and approximately 48 000 French and foreign visitors, since the opening of his site.

During 2008, he becomes aware that the moment came to show up its works to a wider and more real public. It is then, the manager of the Castle of Aubiac, met during a stay in Lot-et-Garonne, that will give him his chance.

In March, 2009, thanks to Syndicat d’Initiative et de la Commission d’Art et Culture d’Aubiac ‘s team, he realizes his first exhibition – solo – by presenting about sixty works and can make discover to the visitors the particular touch of some, their impossible relief to transcribe on the Web.

Artistic Approach

As for the music, it reproduces the colors and the forms resulting from its daydreams. Have a pleasant trip in one of the two universes where it feels free to be expressed.

Rather figurative in its compositions, he likes to plunge himself in the abstract and the fantastic one.

Sources of inspiration

Very inspired by the world which surrounds it but also by its dreams or its nightmares, it transforms its vision of the things by a mixture of colors but especially by the appearance of elements unreal, fantastic, and even organic, which are essential on him.

According to its diurnal or night moods, its thoughts push it to reproduce, sometimes in the moment, a singular and oneiric world where very often the female body becomes emblematic.

Painting and the drawing get the essential appeasing to him enabling him to release its spirit of all these visions, which are replaced at once by news.


  • Acrylic resin, oils and watercolours: very coloured compositions using various techniques like: the brush, the sponge, the knife, and some times with the Indian ink.
  • Indian ink: rotring, feather.
  • Pencil on paper.

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